Efficient trio

Only 3 universal shades

Based on the BRILLIANT DuoShade system, just three shades are already sufficient for speed enthusiasts to achieve good results quickly and efficiently in everyday routines, without having to make major compromises in shade matching.

The A1/B1, A2/B2 and A3/D3 trio is a pragmatic solution for daily restorations.


Balanced Single-Shade Kit

7 universal shades

For aesthetically more challenging anterior restorations, the trio can be conveniently expanded at any time. Four additional universal shades complete the selection in the single-shade kit and facilitate an even more aesthetically pleasing restoration. This allows for optimal blending effects in the anterior region.

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Single-Shade and Extension Kits - 14 shades

For highly aesthetic compositions, the shade spectrum of the BRILLIANT EverGlow universal composite can be supplemented with two translucent and five opaque shades. This allows even the most aesthetically demanding restorations to be a success, with a total of only 14 shades.

Recommendation on BRILLIANT EverGlow Shade Combinations


“BRILLIANT EverGlow allows an extremely user-friendly, fast and very good aesthetic rehabilitation of the maxillary anterior by only using a single universal shade material.”

Dr. med. dent. Markus Lenhard, Switzerland

“Mit BRILLIANT EverGlow ist eine ästhetisch perfekte Restauration spielend leicht geworden. Die Farben lassen die Füllungsränder unsichtbar werden. Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes besticht die  Brillanz und Glanzbeständigkeit von BRILLIANT EverGlow schon bei geringer Politur.”


Dr. med. dent. Sylvia Rahm, Deutschland

BRILLIANT EverGlow Family

Enduring gloss – made brilliant

BRILLIANT EverGlow Family

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